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Summer begins in Portland

The Summer solstice did us proud today, but as I scanned the crowd of young folks at Portland's Jamison Park today I couldn't help but be reminded of this paragraph by John Jeremiah Sullivan from one of his articles in GQ magazine:

"..but for now Bilbao retained its slightly buttoned-up tranquillity and charm. There's a fountain next to the Guggenheim that fires bursts of water every four or five seconds, and the olive-skinned kids jump up and down in it. They just strip to their underpants and go wild, male and female, and to watch them at it was lovely. Can you imagine, in the center of some major American city, a bunch of 12-year-old girls in their panties capering in the water, their lank hair flinging arcs of droplets? Hard to say which would be greater, the level of parental paranoia or the actual volume of loitering creepy creepos."

The North American/European divide, right there. It's a shame, really.

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