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Challenging david brooks of the new york times - britain is not working

I found David Brooks' opinion piece, Britain Is Working, in yesterday's New York Times rather offensive. I have respect for him as one of the few intelligent writers on the Right who can tackle social issues with balanced opinions, but his column today was beyond the pale and shows that as an East Coast Republican he really knows nothing of the current situation in the United Kingdom. As the Conservative/Liberal coalition government instills savage cuts, that are being borne by the poor and the middle classes and not the rich (no surprise there) he has this to say:

The momentum is especially evident just now. Prime Minister David Cameron is a skilled politician who dominates the scene. His agenda doesn’t merely touch his party’s hot buttons, but moves in many directions at once.

His austerity program includes tax increases as well as spending cuts. He’s vigorously protecting the foreign aid budget as he cuts almost everywhere else. He has aggressively reformed welfare and education while retreating on health service reform.

By balancing his agenda, by conveying a sense of momentum, by insisting on fiscal responsibility, he’s remained popular. His party did well in the recent local elections, even amid the fiscal pain.

Austerity for the poor and the middle classes plus tax increases, and tax cut for the rich. Sound familiar? Protect the rich, destroy the economy and reduce social welfare. Classic right wing stuff, all under the banner of "belt tightening and balancing the budgets."

I left this comment for him which seemed to gain some support:

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