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introducing the judgmental jay by dana stalker

Dana is a writer and creative strategist who recently graduated from the University of Oregon, where I currently teach a Digital Brand Strategy class. She is currently looking for work and I've been mentoring her during her search. I began by asking her "Who is Dana?" and we took it from there. It's a work in progress but I feel that it's finally getting some good traction.

In my class recently, during a visit from Edward Boches, Mullen's Chief Innovation Officer, some of my students came up with a Twitter hashtag #BuildShit. The thinking behind it is simple as I have pressed my students to understand that they need more on their resumés than what major they achieved - I asked them to #BuildShit! That's what I would look for whenever a resumé came across my desk. We are currently in the process of building something that I will announce soon.

Dana wasn't in that class but apparently it has rubbed off on her. Check out her website and expect more from The Judgmental Jay.

The Clutter of Pop: A vinyl album and book project

8-track cassettes out-sell digital albums. why is anyone surprised?