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Banksy, Fairey et al - can street art be digitized?

Banksy, Street Art, Shepard Fairey

After watching the Banksy "documentary" 'Exit Through The Gift Shop' the other night, (and I still can't work out if the whole thing's a hoax..,) I started to think about how these days it seems "normal" that every brand, person, item, artifact, etc, should have its own website or at least a digital entry of some description somewhere on the 'net. 

That doesn't apply to street art though. The art of taggers and graffiti artists, Banksy and Shepard Fairey are best observed/witnessed in situ - on buildings, overpasses, roofs, train cars and so on. Arguably they don't transfer well to the art gallery or posters and bags..

The art work can be "filmed" or captured on video and then streamed via the web - which is how I saw the Banksy documentary - but seeing the artwork that way is a lesser experience. The web can expose us to the work but not to how startling it can actually feel when you come across it in its natural habitat.



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