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Some praise for NORTH on the Portland Downtown Marketing Initiative

An article in today's Oregonian put a smile on our faces. Please excuse this moment of shameless self-promotion.

North was the standout among 13 companies invited to submit proposals, judged on criteria such as diversity, price, experience and demonstrated adherence to green practices. A five-person panel interviewed five finalists.

North has held the account from the start. Courtney Ries, marketing manager of the downtown initiative, said the contract was put out to bid again to make sure North was still the best fit. It was.

“Their creative product was very, very strong,” Miller said. “Their understanding of the downtown core was exemplary, and they had a unique sense of the opportunities for downtown that they brought to the table.”

He said the collaboration has worked. A survey after the recent holiday season found that 76 percent of respondents had a positive perception of downtown, compared with 66 percent before the season, Miller said.

The dining campaign in June, while aimed at the city’s core, was amplified over Travel Portland’s channels to attract out-of-state visitors.

And all those downtown drivers? Some 240 of them took advantage of the marketing initiative’s $1-off coupon at a city garage in June.

Read the whole article here.

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