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Marc H. Miller 98 Bowery 1969 - 1989

98 Bowery Art NYC NORTH

Ahhh, the web. After posting yesterday about @SFJ and his "mobile pictures as text messages" theme, I coincidentally [or not,] came across 98 Bowery. As you look through this site and all of its photographic images, a story unfolds. It's a small miracle that Miller documented these 20 years of the hard scrabble lives of artists, musicians and the homeless on the Bowery. Personally, it's interesting for me to see how Punk rock informed the art scene back then with the Punk Art movement. This site is worth your time.

Telling stories with pictures, with ephemera and with a few carefully chosen words is what I enjoy doing best. Over the years I have been lucky to create many visual narratives during a varied career as an artist, journalist, curator, art historian and publisher. "View from the Top Floor" brings together some of these stories in a chronicle of my life and the creative world I experienced during the twenty years I lived in the top floor loft at 98 Bowery.

The Bowery from 1969 to 1989 was a low-rent refuge for artists and free spirits willing to tolerate the alcoholics and homeless men who lived on the street. These pages show this vie de bohème as remembered through pictures accumulated at the time. "View from the Top Floor" has no hard and fast rules. It is autobiography and art history. It is a stage for my friends and me. While it does not strive to be complete or objective, it unavoidably takes its place in the bigger world, tracking in part the greater story of art and music in the 1970s and 1980s, an era when culture strove to be more real and expressive, and the East Village and Lower East Side emerged as one of the world's most potent creative centers.
- Marc H. Miller

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