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Sasha Frere-Jones - beautiful photos if barely photography

Sasha Frere Jones Photography NORTH

"There are people who spend a day putting together a thoughtful five paragraph post, and they're doing great work. There are also people posting pictures of onions and soda they can't understand the name of..."

This one is worth sharing. Sasha is a musician [in which guise we became long-distance friends some time ago,] and is a staff writer and music critic for the New Yorker.

In his voiceover, as we watch his captured images float by, he points out that "there are a lot of photographs now that are just like text messages..[edit] ..I'm here and this thing happened, now you my friends and strangers, now you know.."

And my favorite insight - "It helps when you're sorting through the web, to not have a fixed idea of what you want language or pictures to do, but to think of what purpose they're serving."

That's a line that digital designers could take to heart.

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