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North's Ashod Simonian in Panel

Ashod Simonian Musician NORTH
Photo Credit: Annie Beedy

Here at NORTH our cultural tribe members and those that we collaborate closely with in our creative circles often wear more than one hat - to coin a phrase. It's not to suggest that other creative shops don't have people with multiple skill sets as it ought to be par for the course. As we espouse on our own web site about page, we see ourselves as part ad agency, part creative boutique, part crash-pad for artists, designers, film makers, bloggers, bands and big-thought thinkers.

Of course we would say that, right? So it's nice to see that our project manager/designer/artist/musician/film maker, etc, Ashod Simonian, got some great props from a third party - Panel - a Los Angeles-based music company, that was "established to provide a trusted source of music by promoting artists with unique talents—or, as we prefer to brag, bring “music to the people.”

As Panel says:
[Ashod is a] ... musician who jams with members of Pavement, a visual artist who still works in Polaroid, and co-founder of The Ship—a Los Angeles artist collective that just happens to include many of the scene’s heavy hitters. In short, he’s everything we look for in a Panelist.

Read the whole interview here.

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