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Mossini 2010 campaign: Is this brand authenticity?

Mossini 2010 Juergen Teller Photography
Photo credit: Juergen Teller/Mossini

Some thoughts on the Mossini advertising campaign.

Famed fashion photographer, Juergen Teller, took these photographs [it's a Flash site, click on the advertising link,] of the Mossini's at their family residence in Sumirago, Italy.

Teller has created a photomontage of a family seemingly at peace with itself, doing what families do when they gather for a retreat or an occasion of some kind. Yet we only know the half of it; we only know what we "see." Family gatherings can get weird real quick.

In these shots everything and everyone looks fine. Teller lets the flash bounce off a picture behind a sofa in one shot, an accident that you or I, or any amateur photographer might make; the images are slightly out of focus too and there are over-exposed faces front and center; all of this is to reinforce the idea that any family member could be behind the camera.

Some in the media have lapped this up. Here's an extract from the blog

"I am loving the Missoni SS 2010 Campaign shot by Juergen Teller. It oozes with familial warmth that so many people can relate to. The campaign portrays the authenticity of the brand in a way that no model could ever depict. Nostalgia fills each frame, as a generational tale unveils itself to the media. Just Brilliant!"

I can forgive the hyperbole but I'm not feeling it. Would it not have been more authentic to actually have a family member take the photos rather than have Teller be the "fake" family member?

I could be wrong; maybe Teller simply captured a famous fashion family living the good life..

""The images of Juergen Teller for the S/S 2010 campaign reflected and portrayed our everyday family life," said Angela Missoni." from Vogue Italia.

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