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Rolling Stone magazine retreats behind the paywall

Rolling Stone Paywall NORTHWell this is a shame. I'm not a fan of Rolling Stone magazine, but I am a fan of some of its writers, not least Matt Taibbi who recently departed True/Slant for an exclusive gig with RS. I thought I would follow him over and then I came face to face with the paywall.

You see, I have no problem with magazines trying to find a new business model as their revenues shrink but the business model has to be more au courant than this - I don't require access to the RS archives and I don't want the print version. I would just like access to the RS web site but I don't want to pay $3.95 a month for the privilege of reading the same content that I could read while sitting in my dentist's office; I would pay for content that is not available in the magazine for instance if it was original and compelling but it's doubtful that RS can bring it because the web is drowning in music and politics sites. So while I can currently read Taibbi's latest story for free I wonder, how long will that last? I'd rather cut out the middleman and pay Matt Taibbi directly.

And a cursory search on Google shows that when print publications move to a paywall model online the results are not pretty.

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