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The future's so bright I gotta wear shades

Digital Marketing Conference Portland 2010

The third annual Digital Marketing Conference takes place at the Portland State University on Monday December 13th. I'm honored to have been invited to speak alongside a raft of other great presenters - Chris Murphy, Head of Digital Marketing, Adidas, Brian Rhoads, Senior Digital Strategist, Intel, Hallie Janssen and Kent Lewis of Anvil Media, and many more. Here's the entire roster.

Each of us will speak about our particular disciplines with a slant on how we are embracing digital marketing. Anyone who reads my thoughts about digital marketing in this forum, will know by now that I come from a POV that says the Internet disrupted society and culture permanently, and along with that, disrupted the branding efforts of entire industries. To paraphrase my friend and former co-worker, Justin Spohn of Fight: We don't need a new way of marketing in a digital world, we need a new way of seeing the market.

I've been asked to present a talk on the new ways of marketing online for musicians and musical artists. The problem here is that the idea of new ways of marketing disavows the new way of seeing the market. I will make a brave attempt at clarity during the short time allotted. My presentation will cover three industries - the recording industry, newspapers, and advertising, as there are parallels with all three when it comes to how the Internet disrupted their business models and how what's required now is a new way of seeing the market. Something all three industries have struggled with.

To take one example: look at all the froth and splutter around the "Future of Advertising," as that tiresome debate about who's better - digital agencies or traditional agencies - keeps sucking up our valuable creative time. There should be no discussion required because if both sides get it right there'll be no distinction.

As the sarcastic lyric from Timbuk3 goes - "The future's so bright I gotta wear shades.."

[Update] Just as I posted this the webz sent me this from Seth Godin.

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