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Tumblr down 15 hours and counting

Tumblr Down Facebook It's at times like this that I begin to wonder if this kind of "inconvenience" is really ok, and does being "sorry" get a company like Tumblr off the hook? I was just thinking yesterday about the new Facebook profile update, a story that was amazingly considered big enough for a 60 Minutes interview with Zuckerberg, and how these choice PR slots give him a platform to make us all feel cozy with the idea that someone's actually in charge and looking out for us. The result of that is we can comfortably give Facebook all of our information.

With brands essentially building entire campaigns around Facebook I wonder if there is anyone paying attention to what it would be like for them if Facebook was down for more than 15 hours? If my electricity, heating, plumbing etc was out for more than 15 hours I'd be more than "inconvenienced" and I'd expect more than "sorry."

I have used Tumblr and Posterous but rather fortuitously, just two weeks ago, bought my own hosting service plan to centralize all of my web scribblings. Obviously my hosting company is also a third-party, one that gives me the usual guarantees of 99.9% uptime, yet it's that .1% that causes us great pain and anguish not just "inconvenience."

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