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This week in brief..

It's official, Twitter is not a social network

Facebook Zuckerberg Anil Dash Portland

Meanwhile, David Griner still likes Twitter and refers to it as "more powerful than all other social networks combined."

David Skokna a founding partner and the creative director of Huge talks about kids and digital, and refers to them as Superconsumers. He then tells agencies that "If you haven't changed every aspect of how you work by now, I'm sorry, but you're fu#!ed."

Here come the experts - The Future of Ad Agencies and Social Media

co: launched co: "is a brand studio for the 21st century CMO & CEO." There were grumbles..

I'm not sure that I can get behind this idea - UnMarketing: Stop Marketing. Start Engaging.

But I really enjoyed Anil Dash deconstructing the Mark Zuckerberg New Yorker article in his post The Facebook Reckoning.

Meanwhile President Nicolas Zarkosy and his administration are bullying the Roma into leaving France.

And finally, it's still the economy, stupid!

The Friday awesomeness file week 14

Musical interlude: Neil Young, Angry World