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The Ponytail Chronicles: Volume 1

Jim Carey NORTH Portland

Welcome to a journey. All aboard the “before”. The “after”, I assure you, will justify the ride. Slapped by a sudden spiritual awakening, driven by that middle-aged pull toward meaning, I too have landed on an answer: ponytail. Yep. It’s time to rock this joint- namely Planet Earth. It’s out with the anonymous inch of nondescript pate and in with a mane that shouts “Mt. Hood Blues Fest-deal with it Yuppie Scum”. I’ll look good, no doubt. And, financially, it’ll be a wash. [Savings on Suave LA Street Super Mousse offset by increase in rainbow Scrunchies.] Why here? Why now? Well, frankly, I finished lunch early. I keep checking last year’s NCAA Syracuse/Butler game at but the damn score never changes. Dave, my neighbor here at NORTH, is sick of me likening his obsession with Facebook numbers to Proctor and Gamble ad-testing models of the late ‘80s. Above all, though, everyone needs a mountain to climb.

Perhaps, one day, mine will cascade down to the edge of my butt-crack. Stay tuned. We travel this path together.

Next post: Do we, or don’t we, add an Aussie hat from the Greg Norman “Shark” collection?

[Jim Carey is a CD at NORTH]

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