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The curse of the disposable cup and the Beta Cup contest

Beta Cup, Recycle, Green If we consider our daily activities, our routines and goings-on, one of the most egregious activities that we may all partake in at some time is drinking a beverage from a disposable cup. And were we to consider ourselves environmentally conscious then simply partaking in a cup of coffee breaks that theory immediately. Starbucks serves up 4 billion cups a year of which, 3 billion are paper lined with a plastic that renders them un-recycleable.

This where a contest from Jovoto comes into play. With the Beta Cup and the Beta Cup Campaign, Jovoto offers a $20,000 community purse for the winning solution. This is a great idea with very real benefits.

We, on the other hand, can quite simply help by handing a reusable cup to our favorite baristas.

[Update] And the winner is..

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