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Taking music from digital to analog - a Kickstarter project

As I had promised in yesterday's post, Digital to Analog at the U of O, here's the larger project overview: We'd like you to be part of a project to create a high-quality, 180 gramme double vinyl album and a book of essays. Here's an extract from the project page on Kickstarter:

The vinyl album summary

We all interact with music at a primal level. I have long been concerned with the idea that the digitization of music removes a great deal of the feeling that we respond to when we hear great music. Nothing can compare to being at a live music concert, listening to a band with hundreds or thousands of other people that share the same empathetic feeling as you. I will argue though, that the analog sound of a vinyl record captures that feeling way better than a CD or MP3 file can.

At it's heart, this project is not about a return to vinyl or a move away from the ease of use of digital music, it's simply about a passion for the vinyl record album and the hope that musicians will keep releasing vinyl recordings of their work and that people like yourself will continue to buy and collect them.

The album will represent an analog version of my solo recordings. Recordings made beyond the time I spent recording and playing with Gang of Four and Shriekback. In all I will press 19 songs to vinyl and also make available previously unreleased material as MP3s.

The book summary

For many years now I've been scratching away in digital form, writing essays and reviews and posting them to my various websites. The music side of my thinking gets posted at Pampelmoose and the digital thinking gets posted at I Am Dave Allen and my work as a digital strategist gets posted at NORTH. I'm not only passionate about vinyl records, I am passionate about books too, so it seemed only fitting that I gather together a mixture of essays about music and digital strategy and get a book printed. Here's a sample music essay and a sample digital essay. Consider the book a companion piece to the album.

An education: Digital to analog

This project is not just about me. I teach a Digital Brand Strategy class at the University of Oregon, and from my work and learnings with the students the idea for this project was born. I spend time with students who were "born digital," that is, they grew up surrounded by digital devices and technology. When it comes to music they have known only digitized files in the CD and MP3 formats. I realized that I wanted them to build something that isn't digital, that exists as a tactile piece to be enjoyed, to be held and, in this case, to be listened to. A vinyl double album!

In other words, we will use the digital web to help create a non-digital artifact.

Hopefully this project is worthy of your support and if nothing else my students and me would be grateful if you can share this project with others. Our Kickstarter project page has some useful social web tools for sharing across the web, our use the share buttons below this post. Thanks for reading..

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