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T-Mobile creates a safety app for driving

T-Mobile Car Safety App

Changing human behavior is difficult.

With a mobile device in everyone's hands these days, when it comes to driving and not using that device because of the accidents caused by their use - even when forbidden by law - it seems that we humans are incapable of putting them down. Crackberry indeed.

I can attest to this problem. On my 200 mile round trip to the University of Oregon each week, even though it is the law that drivers must use a hands-free set up to talk on their devices, a quick unscientific poll as I drive along shows that roughly 1 in 5 drivers are either yacking directly into their devices or driving along with that tell tale stare into their laps, periodically looking up to see ahead.

Research has shown that people believe they are capable of texting while driving even though it is apparently 3 times worse than drinking and driving. So the law clearly isn't going to discourage them from doing it.

Will an app?

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