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Some much needed good news

Chile Mine RescuePresident Sebastian Pinera of Chile hugged Florencio Avalos after he was rescued from the San Jose mine near Copiapo, Chile

It's still early right now, 2:10 AM in Chile, where as I write 4 miners have been rescued from the tomb that they have endured for the last 68 days. Hopefully as the long night progresses, all of them, along with the rescuers who bravely descended more than half a mile down into the mine to facilitate their rescue, will return safely to their loved ones.

This episode has transfixed millions of people across the globe and hopefully it ends well. The Chilean government, rightfully, should accept the praise of nations and their citizens, for refusing to buckle to the technological hardships or the cost of rescuing these men.

Americans can look to Chile and the national pride that emanates from these efforts, devoid of partisan politics and roadblocks, and consider what "big" government really means - having the money, the will, and the resources to get things done.

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