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NORTH from a teenager's point of view

By Remy Murfitt, NORTH’s summer intern

Teens and the Social Web

My experience working at NORTH this summer was unlike anything I have ever done, especially considering the fact that it was my first job. I'd say that coming into this job I really had no clue what to expect. I knew that my job would consist of doing anything that needed to be done, but I didn't know what that meant in terms of working at an advertising/branding agency.

My first impression of NORTH and everyone that works there was that they all seemed to be smart and talented individuals with a personal strength in one area or another (design, marketing, writing, etc.). Yet when the team members of NORTH put their heads together and work as a collective, their individual strengths blend together and allow them to accomplish things that some only dream about. Realizing that, I didn't necessarily think I was the most qualified or experienced asset to the team but I hoped that I could somehow fit in and help out. Most of the work I did was stuff that allowed me to see how projects and plans were put together here at NORTH. Whether I was making photocopies of beer advertisements, or listening quietly during a team member meeting, I got to see bits and pieces of how the advertising world works - well, at least how it works here at NORTH.

When I was given the opportunity to work with Food Chain Films, I was excited. It was a chance for me to get an inside look at how commercials are made, and to see what part NORTH had in all of this. Throughout the two days, I got the impression that NORTH is really the brains behind the operation. Mark, Steve, Jim, Ashod and John were all involved in making sure the commercial turned out the way that PGE and NORTH wanted.

Overall, I think my experience here at NORTH has definitely been a positive one. It's been interesting and intriguing to see how the advertising world works and more specifically, how NORTH handles their clients and projects. I'm very thankful that I was given this opportunity, and hopefully during my time here I have helped in one way or another.

Editor’s note: on being asked what NORTH could be doing better, Remy mentioned using email less in favor of in-person communications, and stacking our own dishes in the dish washer.

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