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Mobile advertising and digital coupons - what people are doing with those millions of smartphones

Mobile Ads QR Coupons SmartphonesClick image to enlarge.

Are you and your clients gearing up for the explosion in mobile advertising and marketing?

Let's consider this - 67% of people globally have a mobile phone. According to Borrell Associates US consumers will spend $22.6 billion on Internet coupons and $6.6 billion on mobile coupons by 2014. Already in 2009 US consumers spent $4.2 billion on Internet coupons alone.

And how are consumers getting these coupons? Via QR codes, SMS, Geolocation, NFC Smart Posters and Apps.

If we think about how we are never without our smartphones or our mobile devices [iPad etc] then we will realize that the surge in mobile advertising cannot be ignored.

Mobile Ads QR Coupons Smartphones Click image to enlarge.

Full infographic

[Update 10:00AM] The original source of the infographic is here from the Money Saving Blog via

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