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Manuary: The Endgame

The culmination of over a month's worth of growth and countless hours of discussion and debate has come and gone.The end of Manuary actually came in Manbruary... and what a site to behold.

On a Friday afternoon surrounded by chicken wings and corn dogs, tater tots and beer, the men of NORTH let it all hang out (O.K. well not "it all," but you know what I mean).

With enough amassed facial hair to make Teen Wolf jealous, the entrants shed all dignity and strutted their stuff for a panel of judges.

After a seemingly unending seclusion in the pod, our illustrious judges emerged with a decision that would leave one man victorious and the others to wallow in their failure to be "the man."

Congratulations to Ian for his spot-on Abe Lincoln.

To the others... how does it feel to beaten by an intern?

Manuary: Abe Lincoln The Abe

Manuary: Cheech #1 The Cheech

Manuary: Cheech#2 The Cheech V. 2

Manuary: Goose Gossage The Gossage

Manuary: Lemmy The Lemmy

Manuary: Magnum #1 The Magnum

Manuary: Magnum #2 The Magnum V. 2

Manuary: Zappa The Zappa

There are no interceptions in Heaven.

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