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Working and living in the Northwest comes with a certain set of salt of the earth duties. Environmental consciousness, coffee bean pomposity and weekly micro brew assemblage to name a few. At NORTH we have decided the time has come to pay homage to a different salty earth staple. That tradition of course, the growth of a mans facial hair. And what tradition would be complete without competition involving a monetary exchange? From this notion a bold call to action was born. That call was ahem, called Manuary.

Manuary, as defined by several of us without the necessary qualifications to officially define anything is: A contest between men. Men who can grow hair.

First, you make a wheel of stache (above). Each contestant puts $20 entry fee into the pot. Each additional spin is $10. At the end of 6 weeks and exhaustive Pogonology, the man manly enough to grow his beard/stache as close as possible to their spin wins the bank.

Extra points for those who completely envelope their characters persona.

We invite you, fellow follicle harvesters, to participate in this glorious festive celebration of growth we call Manuary.

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