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In praise of Draplin Design upping the ante

BP Brandjacking Aaron Draplin Design Social Media There is a lot going here. It starts with a man-made disaster. It's followed by a ridiculous round of sloppy PR messaging and then inter-company in-fighting and finger pointing to try to assign blame. Now include the multiple failed attempts to stop the flow of oil from the sea bed and you have the makings of a social media disaster. No wonder BP was brandjacked. Here's a typical tweet from the brandjacked BP Twitter account - "If you've ever wanted to take a dump in the ocean, now is your chance. #whynot? #bpcares"

And now our friends across the river in Portland, Draplin Design Company, decide it's time for BP to have an updated logo. Nicely done, Draplin and Co.

There's another logo here. And Justin Spohn from Fight has a good take on the BP social media train wreck.

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