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Dear copywriters - can you help me with this?

Copywriting errorsCopywriting errors

How did this slip by an editor or proofreader? What you see above is a photo clip of a full-page ad in Sunday's New York Times for Comedy Central's Comedy Awards. A full-page ad! Including what I would consider to be a dire grammatical error. This sentence "We proudly salute our esteemed Board of Directors and the over 1000 members of the Voting Body for their contributions," is a train wreck, and when one pulls the phrase that I highlighted - "the over 1000 members" it is clear to me anyway, that one's tongue gets tangled with one's teeth when pronouncing it.

In my English class at Kendal Grammar School (founded in 1525,) as a young scrapper I was taught that one goes over a hill, or he reached over the ledge, that a football club couldn't have over 35 players, it had more than 35 players.

A question then for the copywriters of the world. Would the Comedy Central ad copy have been grammatically correct if it mentioned "..the more than 1000 members of the Voting Body.."?

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Beyond the idea of a magazine app for the iPad: Post