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Beck covers INXS what's not to love?

Beck Hansen, or as he's more popularly known - Beck, has had a long and gilded career. After stealing the scene via MTV with his lo-fi, genre-busting video for his song Loser, Beck managed to keep feeding the machine while remaining consistently current, all due to his amazing ability to sop up whatever cultural mores were left unattended. He snatched them away and made them his own. His intellect has known no bounds as he prods and pries through American street slang, art, music and theatre. Along with Tori Amos, he was one of the few artists who was able to wrestle with and understand the impact that the 9/11 attacks had on American culture. Take a listen to the lyrics and the atmospheres produced on the albums Scarlet's Walk by Tori Amos and Beck's Sea Change; they both beat authors and writers to the punch before those folks could begin to tap at their keyboards.

With his Record Club channel on Vimeo, Beck is having fun by embracing the web's ability to easily and quickly disseminate his videos as he digs through music from different decades.. are the songs he picks songs that influenced and inspired him, or is he just letting us know what's playing on the whacky jukebox in his head?

Currently he seems to be wading through the INXS back catalogue which is creating some interesting versions of that bands' repertoire. This cover of 'Need You Tonight' with sublime vocals by Annie Clark aka St Vincent is a case in point.

Whatever Beck does is consistently compelling and always keeps me coming back for more. There's a lesson for brands and marketers in there somewhere.

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