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Alternative Advertising

Extreme Advertising - Coke Zero's Tongue-Piercing in Brazil Coke Zero has launched in Brazil an extreme guerrilla marketing campaign using people’s tongues.

Several shops in Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Porto Alegre and Salvador give free piercings with the brand logo, with the only condition of taking pictures to publish on the website which redirects to a Google Picasa Album set.

Alternative Advertising


Dear guy who thought this up,You should put a stipulation in your will that allows the Coca-Cola Corporation to engrave the Coke Zero logo on your headstone after you die. Beneath the logo would be engraved this copy:

"All that famous Coke taste you love, with zero calories and zero respect for humanity. Tell us your idea for how to hasten the downfall of civilization at"

And if you're curious as to how you'll die, it will be of shame.


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