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Arrington, TechCrunch, Shaker: Not disruption

Michael Arrington TechCrunch Shaker

The Arrington weirdness continues. From the Guardian [Link]:

There was some speculation that Arrington might not appear at Disrupt, the conference and startup contest started in 2007; he might graciously shun the limelight and avoid any awkward questions about Crunchgate. Not so – Arrington opened the conference by talking about the spat and saying he wanted the focus to remain on the startups taking the stage.

So who won the startup battlefield contest? Of seven finalists, overall winner was an Israeli Second Life-meets-social network called Shaker, with Prism Skylabs and Bitcasa runners-up. And guess who's an investor in Prism Skylabs and Bitcasa, and a "pending investor" in Shaker? None other than Michael Arrington.

Which prompted this from TechCrunch writer, Sarah Lacy:

Sarah Lacy TechCrunch

As I said, the weirdness continues..

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