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The Oregonian: Getting it wrong in a social web era

The Oregonian Colin Meloy Menomena

Yes these are tough times for the newspaper industry but tough times require strong action which in turn requires some deep thinking about your strategy. At a talk I gave recently I used a phrase that sums up the scrambling of media publishing companies as they attempt to find new revenues to replace the decline of subscribers and paying readers - Media publishing companies are spending money and energy in the present to solve the problems of the past.

If your strategy includes tossing free samples of your newspaper all over neighborhoods expect to hear from people via social media networks. As can be seen above, Portland musicians are speaking out. Both the Colin Meloy of The Decemberists and the band Menomena are not happy with The Oregonian's current "strategy."

Tossing unwanted newspapers into the streets of Portland may keep your advertisers happy but it's at the steep cost of upsetting your community. Time for some fresh thinking..

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