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If we have to learn how to use an iPad app it will probably fail

Khoi Vinh on the new Gagosian Gallery app for iPad
    "There’s good news for publishers of iPad magazine apps, which in the past I’ve criticized for being needlessly complicated, difficult to use and poorly realized. The good news is they’re no longer the worst offenders when it comes to presenting wonderful, valuable content within burdensome and user-unfriendly interfaces. The new champion is the Gagosian app for iPad, from the storied Gagosian Gallery. That gallery represents some of the most important contemporary artists of the past several decades, and the Gagosian brand is responsible for some wonderful contributions to modern culture. Sadly this app should not be counted among them


    Have a look at the explanatory screen for the app’s so-called “basic navigation,” keeping in mind what I wrote several months ago about these screens being nonstarters. Here, the designers far overestimated users’ abilities to memorize obscure gestures like these and, more importantly, their willingness to read instructions."

Gagosian Gallery iPad App Khoi Vinh

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