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AdMob tablet survey: or what brand customers do with that iPad

Tablet usage is growing and sometimes surpasses time spent on desktop and TV
• 43% of respondents spend more time with their tablet than with their desktop/laptop
• 1 in 3 respondents spends more time with their tablet than they do watching TV

Tablets are used widely for playing games, searching for information and emailing
• Most popular activities on tablets include gaming (84%), searching for info (78%) and emailing (74%)
• Least popular include shopping (42%), reading e-books (46%) and consuming entertainment (51%)

People are spending at least an hour a day on their tablet and using it primarily at home
• 68% of respondents spend at least 1 hour a day on their tablet
• 82% of respondents primarily use their tablet at home

Tablets are used mostly on weekdays and in the night
• 69% of respondents said they use their tablet more frequently on weekdays relative to weekends
• Tablets are used more during the night according to 62% of respondents

Tablets are replacing time spent with desktops/laptops
• 77% of respondents reported that their desktop/laptop usage decreased after getting a tablet
• 28% of respondents said that the tablet is their primary computer

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AdMob Tablet Survey Google
AdMob Tablet Survey Google
AdMob Tablet Survey Google
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