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14 year old on the iPad: Bam. It does more..

I love this so much that I have lifted this post wholesale from Justin Spohn's blog. One of these days adults will get that young people observe and use technological gadgets very differently, then we might get beyond This Is Water. Maybe.

Via This Is Violence:
Link: The iPad is 99% more open than any other computer | J-P Teti

“Sophie: Well, my grandpa was going to get me a laptop for my graduation gift, but we couldn’t find the one I wanted and my mom said “maybe you should look into that iPad thing” and it’s the same price and it does more.
Bam. It does more."

This is from a blog I just found off Daring Fireball. The writer is 14 (!!) and not only gets the iPad in a way many other tech writers do not, he writes about it more elegantly too.

For comparison:

“As far as I can tell, tablets do not offer any significant functionality that’s not already available on a smartphone or notebook computer, yet they lack critical components like keyboards. In fact, you can get a laptop with considerably more memory and storage and a much better CPU for a significantly lower price, as my PCWorld colleague recently pointed out.”

That from grownup writer Katherine Noyes of PC World.

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