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Radiohead: Record Store Day, two free MP3s and the Thank You Economy

A tale of two retailers on Record Store Day.

I went out in support of record stores, who are of course also local retail merchants, to do my part. I bought Spiritualized's Ladies & Gentlemen We Are Floating in Space double vinyl album and two Radiohead vinyl EPs to add to the collection. I also knew that Radiohead was releasing two new tracks on vinyl in support of Record Store Day, but the record wouldn't reach these shores until June. So I asked the store clerk if I could pre-order the record so I could be sure of getting a copy. No was the answer. Ok, I'll pre-order it from Amazon then.

And today, a nice surprise. Radiohead sent me an email (see below.) As they say it's just a "big old-fashioned thank you." But not really. This is part of what Gary Vaynerchuk calls The Thank You Economy. It's about rewarding those who support you whether you're an individual, a company or a rock band. I supported a record store this weekend and I was willing to support them further by putting down a deposit on a future release, but they left me without any option except to look online for what I wanted. Radiohead on the other hand..

Radiohead The Butcher Supercollider MP3

Take a listen: [wpaudio url="" text="Radiohead - The Butcher" dl="0"]

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