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I spend every Thursday these days down in Eugene, Oregon teaching a Digital Brand Strategy class at the University of Oregon. It's quite an honor. The video above was filmed and edited by some students in my class, I then tweaked it and added some music. It's part of a project that we are launching very soon.

As Robert Frost so famously wrote:

Now I am old my teachers
are the young
What can't be molded must
be cracked and sprung
I strain at lessons fit to start
a suture
I go to school to youth
to learn the future

And now we are stepping things up a bit as we just discovered that Kickstarter has given us the green light to raise money for a project. (More details and links to the project to be announced later today or tomorrow.)

Why build something?

As most, or at least some, of these students will be graduating this summer I felt it would be beneficial to have something in their resumé that shows that they actually built something. The class was organized into teams - videographers, narrative copywriters, project managers and account managers, book researchers and record pressing researchers. It gives them a real-world example of how to work together to produce and design a tactile object.

I see it as an opportunity for them to bring something into the world in a format that other people are passionate about and supportive of. It becomes passion feeding on passion. The students came up with a Twitter hashtag for it too - #buildshit and one of them built a website to track that hashtag..

We are going to be looking for everyone's support so please check back. Thanks for reading.

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