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Matanay - sua musica e o nosso negocio

Because the world is a big place and music can be the tie that binds us... Matanay. I don't understand a word of this but through the visuals I get it. If anyone can translate this, even in bullet points, I'd be grateful. Please use the comments section.. thanks in advance.

First translation in, thanks to Marcelo:

This is you.
You learned to play an instrument.
Now you have a band and will get your first gig.
Later, you will order some tshirts, since it is time to release an album.
You will update your Facebook and tell everyone via Twitter that you are …editing your first Youtube video.
You will sell merchandise at your shows, and find some time to rehearse and compose,
and you still would want to go out with your friends, travel.

You also can be a label, a recording company, a collective of bands and musical artists,
You will write up and sign contracts,
You will know about the latest news in the music industry,
and will be able to discern the good from the bad.

You will distribute all your artists’ products,
Create a viral campaign on Youtube, and make profits on the albums, mp3s and tickets sales.

Today you can do all this on your own,
But doing it all on your own also means doing it all by yourself.
Do you have time and experience to do it all well done?

Many artists and labels want to know where your audience is,
And how is the best way to reach it.
Sometimes, they want to improve your marketing and distributing processes.

Using techniques and tools specific to the music industry,
Matanay is a company that can plan and execute production; product release; tours; media and marketing; audience, segment and market analysis; fanbase and clientbase development; contract coordenation, distribution to the main virtual stores in Brazil and around the world; and much more.

Sign up and find out what we can do for you.
Matanay, your music is our business.
Helping you to know where you are, where you want to go, and how to get there.

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