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Who exactly buys albums from streaming services?

Just a quick thought. One of the defenses I've read for the ridiculously low royalty payments to musicians from music streaming services such as Spotify, MOG, Rdio etc, is that music fans will discover something they like on these services and then pay to download it, thus benefitting musicians. Which makes me wonder - why would they do that? It's pretty obvious to all concerned that the trend is to access music on the go via mobile handsets and that younger consumers no longer want to own music.

So when I saw this from Billboard "Tom Waits makes waves as the singer/songwriter nets his first top 10 album -- and highest charter ever -- with his "Bad As Me" bowing at No. 6 with 63,000." I wonder who bought it. The album isn't available in Spotify so the buyers must be long time Tom Waits fans. An older demographic in other words.

I doubt that we are going to see younger music fans buying albums from music streaming services. That action doesn't jibe with a mobile generation..

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