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Google indexes Facebook: your social web identity will suffer #ThreatOfTheDay

Now that Google has started to index Facebook comments shit's gonna get weird..

The Wolves of Internet Disapprobation by Alissa Rosenberg at ThinkProgress.

Threat of the Day
By Alyssa Rosenberg on Nov 4, 2011 at 1:34 pm

This blog’s seen a recent really unpleasant uptick in trolling and now, violent threats. When I started posting some of the things people were saying on Twitter, Fast Company editor Nancy Miller suggested that bloggers start tweeting the harassment they get, with names and institutional affiliations attached, and the hashtag #ThreatoftheDay. This is a great idea, particularly because of a change in Google procedure that means that if you’re telling me, as Urbana-Champaign student John Edwards did today that “I would applaud Odd Future if they slapped you in the face” (something he immediately insisted was just a joke), that Google is indexing your comments, so that comment is now a part of Mr. Edwards’ record.
So here’s the deal. Threaten me, and I will cheerfully do my part to make sure that when employers, potential dates, and your family Google you, they will find you expressing your desire to see a celebrity assault a blogger. And then I will ban you. Or as Jay-Z puts it, via a suggested soundtrack from Spencer Ackerman, “I put the wolves on ya” by which I mean the Wolves of Internet Disapprobation rather than actual carnivores.

Watch what you be sayin' out there..

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