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Wolf Parade video with a little help from Deschutes Brewery and NORTH

Wolf Parade Video Deschutes Brewery NORTH Exclusive

As we say around here at NORTH HQ we are into thinking and making. It gets better all the time, but it doesn't get any better than being able to apply the thinking and making in support of independent musicians. Our close friend and collaborator, Scott Coffey, became enthralled with the new album from Wolf Parade - Expo 86, and decided that he just had to make a video for a song from the album, Yulia. So with help from a whole cast of passionate people and support from NORTH client Deschutes Brewery, he was able to bring the "flood of images" he experienced on first hearing the song, into being.

I wanted to create a kind of formal and slightly nostalgic vibe. At the same time, I wanted it to feel untethered to an exact era — not specifically in the past. I shot in Portland Oregon and a little in Romania and I was really inspired by Russian cinema and Communist propaganda posters. It was an ambitious idea and I’m really stoked that Deschutes Brewery and North were able to help support the production of this video for Wolf Parade’s great song, Yulia.Scott Coffey

Follow the link to watch the video and get more information.

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