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Klean Kanteen ends the curse of the plastic beer cups at Pickathon

Klean Kanteen Pickathon 21010 NORTH

The plastic beer cups always end up in a giant pile, if not a sea, at the end of any large festival or public outdoor gathering. Yes they are recyclable but why manufacture something from fossil fuels to be used once then tossed away to be [hopefully,] recycled?

This year Pickathon partnered with Klean Kanteen who provided BPA-free stainless steel pint sized drinking cups.

"Most events produce incredible amounts of unnecessary plastic pollution," said Danielle Cresswell, Sustainability Officer of Klean Kanteen. "Most of it ends up in a landfill, and sadly, too much plastic finds its way into waterways, the ocean, and the food chain of many animal species, including humans. Even when recycled, plastic downgrades significantly in the process, resulting in an inferior material that is still ultimately destined to be pollution. We’re proud to work with Pickathon toward a common vision to create the model for truly sustainable, plastic-free music festivals."

Klean Kanteen Pickathon 21010 NORTH

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