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Hey parents - Kideoplayer - the safe social web for kids

Kideoplayer Poke Video

Tom Ajello, founder and creative director of Poke NY brings a wonderful and simple web experience for the younger set [aka, in some instances, the diaper set.] It's called Kideoplayer. Don't be fooled though, I just spent a good half hour watching videos that may be intended for kids but I sure got a blast out of the remote controlled cars hurtling around a dirt track...

Here's the backstory from Tom:
As a creatively-focused web nerd and as a parent of two young boys under the age of 2, I try to keep my family engaged with what is happening online, including interacting with, sharing and viewing of safe content. Having sat down to try and find this safe content with my boys a couple of times now, I can tell you it is not easy to locate. If you search long enough for YouTube content that is appropriate, it always returns search results with wonderful gems to share, but, they are usually sitting right next to something questionable - if not - down right offensive.

I was amazed to see how little has been done to help curate the sea of online video content in a way that makes it easy, interesting, and fun for parents and kids to experience together. Online video and simple interactivity can be a great source of entertainment and learning for the whole family. Someone just needs to care enough to make it so.

How it works
I will spend my free time sourcing, identifying and curating the safest, most educational (and most FUN) YouTube videos I can find. This ongoing list of videos will be served up in a simple little interactive package that I can sit down and play with my boys. I call this package “KideoPlayer.”

And since I’m doing this online (and the web is as social as social can be) you get the benefit of all my hard work. Yay!

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