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A Portland inter-agency meat cook-off powered by social media

Big Green Egg, Meatapalooza, North, Agency

Apologies in advance to our vegetarian readers.

I'm not sure if I'm just not paying attention but I have noticed that I am seeing less calls via Twitter for a "tweet up" than I used to. Maybe my Twitter friends don't invite me, who knows? What I do know is that by extension Tweet up was often accompanied by the phrase "well we decided to take it to the meat space" as in, real humans doing non-virtual things in concert; the very thing that we were built to do. [More on that here.]

I mention this because last night I opened up my home to what could only be described as a "meat up" - pun thoroughly intended. About a week earlier @JerryKetel, formerly of Leopold Ketel, posted something to Twitter about how he was preparing some grilled meat and how he was anointing himself as champion of his particular dish. As can be expected in social media this was akin to throwing down the gauntlet; and so a meat up was birthed via Twitter. The idea soon had legs, and although there was no direct invitation to anyone we soon had about thirty people signed up to either bring meat or a side dish, plus various libations. It was quite the turn out.

In a small way this gathering was an example of how social media works really well in niche silos. This particular turnout included people in the following niches - men [no females opted in to grill, just to eat and drink,] meat eaters, people who enjoy smoking and grilling meat, beer drinkers, advertising agency and/or marketers [almost everyone had past or present connections to those disciplines,] and of course, Twitter users.

And best of all were the new friendships we all made and the great conversations - some of which went long into the night.

All thanks to Twitter. Follow these people on Twitter as there's a very real chance that we will all be doing a cook-off again this summer:

@dtboyd @thomschoenborn @daveatnorth @rebeccamary @hillerns @daveselden @davidburn @scotthuber @PeterLevitan @DanGoldgeier @bonegypsy @Moss_Robert @bellenoelle @rupdooley @jetstream @Forktown

And here's photos of the event.

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