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Iceland is more alive than ever, bursting with energy, activity and hospitality.
Take a look for yourself - click and be inspired by Iceland!

The two sentences above are from the Inspired By Iceland campaign. They could just have easily said when life gives you lemons make lemonade. Iceland got slammed in the global financial meltdown, not to mention a little volcano incident, but this video captures Icelanders all putting that behind them, picking themselves up and celebrating their country and its people.

Referring to this clip Frank Chimero said on Twitter - "The bar has just been raised a couple of notches for boards of tourism everywhere: /via @thescout @cliftonburt "

Here's some questions - is this video a good example of online advertising? For e.g., here I am sharing my enthusiasm for this little country with you, digitally. Would advertising purists argue that this should have been edited down for a TV ad?

As I am not currently in Iceland experiencing what appears to be its wonderful culture, this video in its web context works for me. It certainly suggests to me at least that Iceland as a brand, is a brand I would like to experience..

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