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Facebook Hegemony NORTH
Image: NY Times

In the oddly passive/agressive conversation stoked by those who see the Facebook head honcho, Mark Zuckerberg's, stand on privacy on the platform - or lack thereof - as unremittingly evil, we are in danger of missing a larger problem - Platform hegemony versus the open web.

On her blog, Alisa Leonard has this to say:
Alisa Leonard, The Web Is Social, NORTH

Alisa rightly concurs with Randall Stross on the NY Times Digital Domain blog when he says in his article World’s Largest Social Network: The Open Web "On its Web site, Facebook says it’s “giving people the power to share and make the world more open and connected.” But the online world outside of Facebook is already a very open and connected place, thank you very much. Densely interlinked Web pages, blogs, news articles and Tweets are all visible to anyone and everyone. Instead of contributing to this interconnected, open Web world, the growing popularity of Facebook is draining it of attention, energy and posts that are in public view."

The real Facebook discussion shouldn't be around closing one's account because of privacy issues, it should be more about the discussions I've posted above, which can be condensed down to walled garden versus open web. The ever-shifting, malleable web is our sandbox, a place where everyone is included and where things happen. Walled garden platforms ala Facebook are the antithesis of the open web.

Stross again - "In 2008, Google announced that its search engine had “crawled,” that is, collected and indexed material from, one trillion unique URLs, or Web addresses."

That's some sharing across the open web.

Google TV..

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