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Free is better than Groupon

Plaza Cleaners Portland
It doesn't take much to make a difference. A small gift like this can mean a lot to someone who's in worse financial shape than others. Finding a job is hard right now and for an unemployed person at this time of year, who's maybe having to make sacrifices to put food on the table, and who may not be buying gifts this Holiday season, a gesture such as this can go a long way. And it won't be forgotten.

It ought to be remembered because businesses are suffering too and they have employees on the payroll who need the work. So for those of you who live in NW Portland and want to get your clothes laundered or dry-cleaned for that celebratory party, you know where to head - Plaza Cleaners, 803 NW 21rst Ave Portland OR 97209. And to make things even easier for you they use environmentally friendly cleaning products too.

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