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I'm still not convinced..

New thinking is required before media companies will ever grasp what it takes to get their work on to a device like the iPad. Although I admire what the folks at Bonnier are attempting to achieve here, they still talk in a language that suits the old paradigm. In fact they spend a lot of time in this video mentioning newspapers, which is exactly what they are telling us they want to get away from. Of course it has to have social, and of course it has to have ads and classified. And weirdly they've decided that "evenings are the best time to read" which doesn't take into account how we get our news, minute by minute all day long. The video ends by telling us about the "newspaper of the future." It left me scratching my head..

I find websites like work fine on the iPad. And Khoi Vinh still has it right so far.

I was talking about the world, a possible world..

A musical interlude - Girl Talk - All Day