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Sometimes as I trawl the web, something really makes my day. So when Jelly Helm posted a message to Twitter the other day, simply titled "I invented this..," I had to take a look. I was thrilled at the image I saw, the one I have posted below. He introduced the Phweet! My day was made.

One doesn't have to read too deeply into this, nor take things too seriously, to accept that we are playing in a different space these days. Just having the ability to be exposed to this missive from Jelly was enough for me. To be able to play around with it too and now respond here, shows how much digital has altered the landscape - once, not too long ago, I would have had to visit Jelly in his studio and perhaps see the image posted on his studio wall. It doesn't lessen my relationship with Jelly as a friend to come across this in a digital landscape, it reminds me of how I know him, how he thinks and how much I enjoy our conversations when we meet.

Technology just shortens the distance between us. It's not as frivolous as it seems.

Jelly Helm Phweet

Here's my Phweet. I am working on a presentation for a class run by Deb Morrison at the University of Oregon this week and was making notes on my band's lyrics to 'Natural's Not In It.' You may have heard the song if you've seen the Kinect Xbox ads. Anyway, I thought it was an opportunity for a Phweet. Thanks Jelly, it's gonna be huge!!

Gang of Four Phweet

A musical interlude - Girl Talk - All Day

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