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Treehouse and iPhone as metaphor

On a new tablet-device for children from Dreamworks:

Brian Robinson, head of creative design and development at DreamWorks Animation, said that treehouses were evocative for both parents and children. “A treehouse encapsulates imagination and wonderment and fun, and it elicits that kind of reaction across any generation because it is where people go to believe in their imagination,” Mr. Robinson said. “And for us it became this symbol of exactly what the tablet stood for.”

Greg Allen, who has a parenting blog, Daddy Types, said that he thought treehouses were more relevant in earlier eras, and that their use in the campaign would resonate more with adults than with children. But even for adults, drawing a parallel between a tablet computer and a treehouse is a stretch, he said. 

“The idea of it is to have kind of a safe space for kids,” Mr. Allen said, referring to the DreamTab. “But it’s the same space that parents are in when they whip out their phones and check their mail at a kid’s performance or soccer game, and that space is not a treehouse — it’s a bubble, or a curtain that you pull around yourself.” 

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