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The Technology of Media

This post has been hiding as a draft and I recently came across it again. My friend Chris Riley posted to his own blog on how "..the technology of media is changing the way we share our stories."

When the narrative structure of media changes so does society. It happened after Gutenberg, it happened after Bell and Marconi, it is happening now. We have a new way of learning as well as a new way of seeing. For the next few years we will be in adaption mode, transitioning into a more complex media world within which notions of identity, personal narrative and social organization will be radically changed. Cities are becoming the nodes of a global civilization made up of many different peoples. It is an exciting future and it is confusing. It often does not seem to make sense. [Link]

My draft was as short as that. I have no idea why I didn't post it here as it has been languishing since sometime in 2012.

Added bonus: Here's a lecture that Chris gave at the UC Berkeley School of Information [Audio]

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