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Odd Future and the return of Earl Sweatshirt

Odd Future and the return of Earl Sweatshirt

A hip hop band as startup..

Back in the old days you started with the product. There’s this song. The song is good. It’s by this band. Because you like this band’s song, you buy a magazine that has a story about them plus some photos in which they look cool and dangerous. You discover this band you like is playing a show in your town. You buy a ticket, then a T-shirt. You are now an emotionally committed fan. That’s the way it used to be. These days, though, the entire courtship process has been reversed. The smartest artists start by cultivating an emotional relationship with new fans in hopes that it will later, sometimes much later, lead to the exchange of actual money. Bands have essentially become like startups, cool ideas like Twitter or Foursquare or Pinterest, that have to be nurtured and sewn into the pop psyche before they pay off.

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