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My new Digital Strategy class at PNCA begins in September

I've been leading a Digital Brand Strategy class at the University of Oregon in Eugene since Fall 2010 and it has been tremendous fun, and yes hard work let's be honest, working with classes of up to 35 students who have all been born into what we grown ups know as digital. Because I hold to David Foster Wallace's dictum that one doesn't go to a liberal arts college to be taught, one goes to learn how to think, I believe me and my students have all benefitted from discussing at length what digital means. When we collectively reach agreement that there is nothing new in digital (when compared to prior technological revolutions or societal/cultural shifts,) while noting that anthropology is prevalent across the social web, the lightbulb goes on. We get a long way beyond social media in other words. Believe me, I am extremely honored to be able to lead the class and I look forward to the upcoming Fall term and a fresh batch of young minds.

Meanwhile, I'm really pleased to say that thanks to an invite from Patrick Forster the Director of Continuing Education, I will be leading a very similar class in Portland at the Pacific Northwest College of Art beginning in September. Details and class sign up here. I look forward to seeing some of you there this Fall.

Peter Doyle resigns from the IMF: Letter

Peter Doyle resigns from the IMF: Letter