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Jean-Luc Godard: Contempt

From a 2008 review:

JEAN-LUC GODARD’S radiant, ambiguous, serenely perverse “Contempt,” 45 this year, is being revived again, in startling color and elegant, ribbony CinemaScope, for the second time in just over a decade, and it’s beginning to look like one of those movies we can’t do without for very long: a classic. Film Forum, which in 1997 gave New Yorkers their first opportunity in many years to see the film on the large screen it practically requires, starts another run (two weeks, minimum) on Friday. That 1997 revival opened a lot of eyes — of older filmgoers who’d been baffled by “Contempt” on its initial release, and of younger ones who knew it only by its reputation as Mr. Godard’s failed attempt at big-budget commercial moviemaking, or who had perhaps endured a college film society screening of a choppy, faded print. It’s time to open our eyes to its troubling beauty again.


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